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How is the market? It’s a question our agents get asked a lot, and for good reason. If you’re considering buying a new home or selling one that you already own, the market trends and predictions are important in the decision-making process. Below is our most recent market update information for Davidson, Maury, Rutherford, Sumner, Williamson, Wilson, Bedford, and Coffee counties to help you make the most informed and beneficial choices possible.

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It's that time of the month again! We are excited to announce December's LoLo gifts! There are so many unique, wonderful, local businesses in Middle Tennessee and it's time to celebrate them this month!

LoLo, Locals Supporting Locals, is an amazing program for your Parks REALTOR® to give to you! Each month, a completely free, new gift comes to your cell phone for you to enjoy. The gifts are selected by county and are only for local businesses, no nationwide chains!

LoLo helps remind us to shop local and support our friends and neighbors! Here are December's gifts to you!

Triple Crown Bakery

Williamson County

Located in Historic Downtown Franklin, Triple Crown Bakery is a local favorite when it comes to baked goods! With a warm

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Parks Realty has been awarded the prestigious RELO® Quality Certification by Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®. The RELO® Quality Certification (RQC) was the first program in the relocation industry to quantify and qualify what true relocation service excellence means. Modeled after the Malcolm Baldrige national quality award, it was created by the network to provide measurable standards for the pursuit of relocation excellence.

Under the guidance of Michele Barnes and Rebekah Zeitlin, Parks Realty earned the certification only after its relocation department met stringent standards and completed a rigorous and lengthy application process, overseen by a committee of leading industry professionals.  Virtually every aspect of the company’s

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Located in the neighborhood of Hillsboro-West End, this beautiful townhome has finishes and furnishings done by some of the top designers in the industry! The home features three levels of living space, tons of natural light, an amazing layout, high-end finishes throughout, and sweeping views over the hills of West Nashville.

Primarily made up of high-rises overlooking Centennial Park, West End is the Upper East Side of Nashville and offers a variety of amenities, dining options, and things to do to please all.

West End and Elliston Place cover a large area that borders Music Row, Hillsboro-West End, and Charlotte Avenue roughly. Many residents love this area for its large green space, Centennial Park. This park houses the well-beloved replica

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Even though Tennessee is considered a “southern state,” late fall and winter overnight temperatures can fall into the freezing range here. Thus, you may be wondering whether your next home should be more energy-efficient. If your current home was built before the year 2000, it’s likely far less energy-efficient than houses built more recently. Homeowners will tell you that weather extremes in a less-efficient home lead to higher utility bills and uncomfortable inside temps. Today, we’re sharing the top reasons we recommend buying energy-efficient homes.

1.) Your Home’s Air Quality Will Be Better

Far more concerning than an eye-watering heating or cooling bill, the air quality in older homes is likely inferior when compared to new construction.

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How do you get in the holiday spirit? There are so many different traditions and things to see and do during the holiday season that sometimes it feels like every family has their very own traditions -- but there is one thing that seems to truly make its way into most American homes. What is that one thing? Holiday movies, of course! It’s hard to beat watching a favorite holiday movie, curled up on the couch with some hot cocoa, taking in the spirit of the season. To help you dive into holiday films this year, we’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites - there’s a little mix of everything in this list!

Happiest Season (2020)

Hulu took the millennial holiday movie crowd by storm this year by releasing this classic “meet the parents” rom-com with an

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Resting right in the middle of Green Hills and 12 South, this stunning home provides tons of space and a great, convenient location! The property features two home offices, plenty of living space, a large parking area, a garage, a screened porch with a fireplace, high-end finishes throughout, an encapsulated crawl space, and a fenced backyard with trees. This home is an oasis in the city!

This home rests right on the line between Green Hills and 12 South!

12 South, one of Nashville’s most popular neighborhoods, is a combination of modern trends and old-world charm. 12 South has emerged as the perfect one-stop destination to live, eat, drink, play, and socialize. Stylish shops, beautifully-restored homes, trendy coffee shops, and a wide array

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Parks is proud to highlight the managing broker of our Green Hills office, Hagan Stone! Hagan has been a part of the Parks family for three years and a real estate agent for the past 21 years.

Hagan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mass Communication from Belmont University. Prior to real estate, he worked for a large advertising agency in the marketing communication field. During his time there, Hagan had the opportunity to work with national clients like Bridgestone and Dometic Corporation. When it comes to the real estate industry, he specializes in buyer and seller representation.

Hagan chose to become a real estate agent because he has always had a passion for architecture and design, as well as helping people achieve their dreams.

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Oooh, moving. The sheer act of moving is quite the feat - and when paired with buying and selling a home the whole process is that much more of an *event* let’s say. So what happens when someone you love moves into a new house? You help make the house a home by an amazing housewarming gift, of course! Below are some of our favorite housewarming gift ideas:

Plant Love

Homeowners can never have too many plants! Whether a potted seasonal plant for the porch, a small indoor plant, or a small tree that can be planted in the yard later - your gift will add life to the house and be there (fingers crossed) for the long haul. Not sure where to start? The money tree plant is easy to care for and is said to bring good luck and fortune! 


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Are you considering a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage? We're not surprised. Thanks to an extended repayment period and fixed-rate, homeowners can count on a predictable low monthly payment. Here's what you need to know about a 30-year fixed-rate loan and it’s alternatives!

What is a 30-Year Fixed-Rate Home Loan?

A 30-year home loan is a mortgage that would be paid off entirely in 30 years if you make every payment as scheduled. 30-year mortgages typically have a fixed rate, meaning that the interest rate stays the same throughout the loan's life.

Benefits of a 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgage

  • Lower payment: A 30-year term stretches out the loan's repayment, which often translates to a more comfortable monthly payment. 

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